Visian ICL

Mar 16, 2022

What is Visian ICL?

The Visian ICL is a phakic intraocular lens that is put in place during refractive surgery for myopia correction. The ICL does not replace the eye’s lens, like the lenses put in during cataract surgery, but rather is a lens put in between the iris and the natural lens of the eye. Thus, it is like a permanent contact lens and is sometimes referred to as such. The ICL lens is a great option for correcting vision for those that do not want to undergo laser vision correction but still want a more long-term solution for nearsightedness. In the case of the ICL, it can still be removed at a later date and other treatment options are undertaken. 

The Visian ICL, which stands for implantable Collamer Lens, is a unique, organic lens material manufactured by Staar Surgical. This material is made especially for Visian with greater biocompatibility than acrylic or silicone lenses which can sometimes cause irritation and inflammation. The Visian ICL also has an ultraviolet filter that helps to protect the eye. 

What does the procedure involve? 

The Visian ICL implantation has FDA approval and lasts about 20-30 minutes. Prior to surgery, your doctor will need to schedule tests to measure the unique aspects of your eye, so that the correct lens can be chosen for you. In corneal refractive surgery (LASIK link here), the structure of the eye is permanently altered, whereas, with the Visian ICL implantation, the lens is simply covered with another corrective one placed in the posterior chamber of the eye. The Visian ICL is foldable, unlike other intraocular lenses, allowing for a smaller incision for the placing of the lens compared to the incisions required for other lenses. Once placed, the Visian ICL is designed to be able to stay in the eye as long as necessary, but with the ability to be removed should the need arise, such as a visual change, complication, over or under-correction. The procedure will be done after you have received numbing eye drops, making it painless. After surgery, many patients notice an almost immediate improvement in vision. Your doctor will prescribe additional drops to promote healing. You will need to arrange for transportation home from the procedure, but should be able to drive within several days of the procedure. 

Why choose an intraocular lens? 

Choosing to correct your vision using surgery can make a huge difference in your life.

Since the Visian ICL is a phakic intraocular lens that is put in place during refractive surgery for myopia correction. You will be able to say goodbye to glasses and to have eyesight that shows you the exact world around you, changing your life each and every day. Eyesight is the primary sense for humans. We should take advantage of each and every advancement in eye care and treatment that becomes available. With an intraocular lens, you will no longer have to wear glasses or contacts to be able to see the world around you, all the time. 

Visian ICL Testimonial – Eve Torres Gracie

I have astigmatism, can I still get a Visian ICL? 

Yes! The Visian ICL is designed to be able to fit astigmatisms from 1.0 D to 4.0 D. Ask your doctor if this applies to you or you have further questions, but in most cases, the Visian ICL is still an option even with astigmatism. 

Why choose the Visian ICL over other lenses or other corrective procedures? 

The Visian ICL requires a smaller incision in the eye for placement, has a short recovery time, and is painless. Compared to many other procedures, the Visian ICL avoids dry eye as a complication, does not change the natural components of your eye, and is not a permanent choice if you do not wish it to be so. Additionally, the Visian ICL can help improve night vision and protects the eye from UV damage. In some cases, patients with thin corneas are unable to undergo other corrective procedures that require the removal of corneal tissue, making the Visian ICL an excellent alternative. Over 1 million Visian ICL lenses have been implanted, and they have over 99% patient satisfaction.

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