We love our clients and they love us!

"I felt very safe with my doctor and nurses. They were all great to me. Everything was so professional and nice. They have a beautiful facility and did a great job. Thank you Dr. Patterson and staff."

- Wilma T. 

"After my Lasik surgery, while riding my bike, I could see the horizon for the first time."

- Robert G.

"From the time I walked in until they rolled me to my car, I felt at ease. My blood pressure was elevated due to nerves prior to the surgery, and one of the nurses stood by my bed talking about her dad who had had the same procedure and how he was not the best patient (not liking needles and such) but did great and looked great after the healing. She took my mind off myself and made me laugh."

- Myra M.

"Dr. Michael Patterson is not only a fantastic doctor but also a great man as well. He is someone I would choose as a friend if he were not my doctor. Dr. Patterson is a highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable physician. He truly cares about his patients and it shows through the passion that he has for his career."

- Dr. F.S. "Doc" Wells

"The staff worked well as a team and they were all very friendly."

- Robert C.

"I appreciated the phone call from Dr. Patterson the afternoon of surgery and the call by April two days later."

- Ann L.

"Eye Centers of Tennessee is a well-oiled machine. They easily earn your confidence."

- William B.

"Was very impressed with how well organized the whole procedure was. Everyone was kind and considerate. All of this puts me at ease and it was far less stressful than I anticipated. Best of all, vision in my eye is now amazing."

- Virginia T.

"Everyone was very professional, friendly and caring. The flowers after the first surgery and the bag after the second surgery is so thoughtful. I would recommend the Eye Center to all my friends and family."

- Barbara H.

"The staff, nurses, technicians and Dr. Michael Patterson turned a dreaded procedure into a wonderful experience for me. I highly recommend Eye Centers of Tennessee."

- Annette W.

"Great place to have eye care and be treated like YOU are special!"

- Lanny C.

"Speaking as a retired OR nurse, I feel the care I received was excellent! A person couldn’t ask for better care or service. I have never seen a place run as smooth and efficient as this place. From the time I checked in for surgery, through discharge, I was treated like I was special and not just another number. I noticed the staff worked well together and everyone helped each other. Great teamwork!"

- Jane B.