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Eyes and Ears, We Treat Both

Eyes and ears are your two most important sensory organs. Together they create your internal GPS system, providing you with your three-dimensional perception of the world around you. Your vision and your hearing both have a dedicated cranial nerve that transmit essential input data to the visual cortex and auditory cortex of the brain during every moment of every day.

Unfortunately, both senses tend to fail during the same stage in life. Leading eye groups across the nation are now treating vision and hearing together. Eye Centers of Tennessee is now proud to be among this number.


Hearing Loss Today

Hearing loss is a pervasive problem affecting approximately 50% of older Americans. Only arthritis and hypertension affect more senior adults.

Baby boomers are experiencing hearing loss as much as 20 years earlier in life than previous generations.

80% of people with significant hearing loss are undiagnosed and untreated.

Untreated hearing loss is linked to clinical depression, anger management, social withdrawal and isolation, evolving fears and phobias about activities and situations that used to seem normal.

Hearing loss can change your personality and affect your relationships because while vision loss affects only you, hearing loss affects everyone around you. It becomes exhausting to try to hear and follow conversations or events and it is equally frustrating for everyone else around you.

Signs that you may be Suffering from Hearing Loss Include:

  • Difficulty hearing conversation in crowded places
  • Ringing or other noises in your ears
  • Others telling you that you don't seem to hear them
  • Others complaining that you watch the TV with the volume too high
  • Frequently asking others to repeat themselves
  • People seem to be mumbling in everyday conversations
  • Difficulty understanding women or young children's voices
  • Trouble knowing where sounds are coming from

As with vision, your hearing continues to change from year to year and may deteriorate over time. It is important to identify problems or changes and address them early on.

How our Hearing Specialist can Help you:

At Eye Centers of Tennessee, we now routinely screen all of our patients for indications of hearing loss without any added cost to you. You can also call anytime, whether you've had an eye exam with our doctors or not, and schedule a hearing screening with our Hearing Specialist.

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