What Is Jeuveau?

In February 2019, the FDA approved Jeuveau, a neurotoxin like Botox that has been shown to help relax and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It’s the first injection of its kind approved for aesthetic usage in almost a decade — and it offers patients a valid alternative to Botox, at a lower price! 

Breaking it down a little more, Jeuveau temporarily improves the appearance of a person’s “glabellar lines,” which are more commonly called “frown lines.” Those are the little wrinkles between your eyebrows. The injection works by preventing the nerves in your face from telling your facial muscles to flex, which is what causes those wrinkles.

Who’s a Candidate for Jeuveau?

Marketed as a way to say “thanks but no thanks” to frown lines, Jeuveau is approved for use in adults. If you’re concerned about the appearance of frown lines and looking for an alternative to Botox, you may be a good candidate.

Jeuveau injections are now conveniently available through Eye Centers of Tennessee. Call us today to find out more or schedule an appointment! 

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