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Apr 9, 2021


Glaucoma is caused by high pressure in the eye, which can be tested for by your Optometrist at regular checkups. No fancy tests are needed, and it doesn’t hurt! There is a special device that simply goes against the eyeball and tests the pressure. 
If glaucoma is detected in the early stages, vision loss and blindness can be more successfully prevented. Once glaucoma is identified, doctors can prescribe eye drops, oral medications, laser treatment, surgery, or a combination of these to keep it from advancing further. 

Routine Eye Examination (Eye Centers of Tennessee)

If you are over the age of sixty or have a family history of glaucoma, have a medical condition such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or heart disease, you are more at risk for developing the condition. More regular exams and talking to your eye care provider can help you catch and treat glaucoma before it becomes serious. 
One of the first visual signs of glaucoma is blind spots in the peripheral or central vision, blurred vision, or halos around lights. As it advances, patients might notice headaches, tunnel vision, nausea and vomiting, eye redness, or eye pain. This happens because of the pressure due to fluid buildup put on the optic nerve.

Glaucoma Comparison

Even if you have glaucoma, you can still exercise and pursue a normal life! It is recommended that those with glaucoma avoid any activities that put their eyes below the level of your heart, such as being upside down, or some yoga poses.
Eating carrots won’t help your eyes, or will they? Having a higher BMI has been linked to higher intraocular pressure, so if you find that a higher BMI might be a risk factor for your glaucoma, consider switching out some foods to those that are lower in saturated fats! Additionally, caffeine can increase the pressure in your eye, so maybe skipping that third cup of coffee and choosing a juice or sparkling water could help that afternoon craving and improve your eye health! 

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