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Mar 18, 2020

Dr. Michael Patterson attends BSM Leadership Summit.

In March of 2020, Dr. Michael Patterson traveled to Phoenix to attend the BSM Leadership Summit. This summit is designed for the purpose of enhancing leadership skills for busy healthcare organizations.
BSM is designed exclusively for a limited number of participants, through this small group setting a dynamic environment of peer to peer learning is created.

Eye Centers of Tennessee is committed to continually growing and grooming our leaders from the lowest levels in our organization all the way to the highest.

“To me, what we are lacking in many organizations is good leadership. Leadership is without question one of the fundamental qualities needed in today’s healthcare environment.  Due to reimbursement challenges, growing populations, and increasing health care costs, our companies need leaders to guide them into the future. This summit is an intensive leadership development workshop to help people hone their own leadership style while understanding the people around them better.  At Eye Centers of Tennessee, we believe our practice deserves leaders willing to continue to better themselves so that in turn we can continue to lead our communities in the field of eye care.”

  • Michael Patterson, D.O.

Eye Centers of Tennessee has always been committed to sharing ideas and being a thought leader in the fields of both Ophthalmology and Optometry.

We believe that there is strength in numbers and through collaboration, we can grow the field of Eye Care and provide the best possible service to our patients in our communities.

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