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Aug 10, 2021

Dr. Andrew Johnson speaks in Monterey, TN.

Part of our mission at ECOTN is to educate our audience as much as possible. Giving our patients the knowledge to make better decisions allows two things to happen.

The first reason is that it allows our patients to embrace a better quality of life. Educating our communities allows them to make better decisions and take better care of themselves.
At times, the reason why poor decisions have been made is simply because of a lack of understanding.
When we educate ourselves on making better choices, it not only enriches our life but the lives of those around us.

The second reason is that it shows that we value each member of our community and want to see them live better lives. By informing and answering questions, we want to show our patients that it’s all about them.

Dr. Johnson answers questions after the presentation.

Our existence at Eye Centers of Tennessee is to correct minor sight issues or to surgically correct major issues that impact your life. The more that you know about your eyesight and what causes issues, the more you can help yourself from having problems down the road.
Dr. Andrew Johnson recently spoke to the Monterey Senior Citizens on eye health and ways to mitigate risks. 

Since 90% of individuals over 65 will develop cataracts, it was a hot topic during the event.

“At Eye Centers of Tennessee, we prioritize educating the community on the advances in technology and treatment for eye care all while building a strong relationship with the community we serve.”

– Andrew Johnson, MD, MBA

The Q & A session after the presentation consisted of new procedures¬†that are now available and new technologies that we are bringing to the Upper Cumberland. Procedures that were available even a decade ago are now considered obsolete and require a lot of downtime for the individual. We love getting to touch people’s lives and make a positive difference in our communities!

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