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Sep 7, 2021

Digital eye strain in children

Online learning has risen significantly over the past 2 years.
Distance learning has outpaced enrollment for the first time in history as a consequence of the pandemic.
With online learning becoming a necessity in some parts of the country, digital eye strain no longer affects adults and has become an issue for children across the world.
Teachers are reporting the same issues as well over the last few years on the other side of the screen.
Only about 1 in 5 teachers said that they were on the same schedule as years past.

As a parent, it’s often hard to discern when your child is having medical issues simply because most children don’t fully understand how to communicate the problem.

Here are some simple things to look for as your child spends more time learning online.

  • Problems focusing – taking considerably longer than normal on assignments.
  • Neck pain – rotating neck regularly or complaining of having neck and shoulder pain.
  • Complaining of words moving on the screen.
  • Regular migraine or severe headache.

Children do not naturally set boundaries for themselves, so adults need to be the authority and teach moderation. This often begins by having a conversation and explaining why technology is useful but has to be used in moderation. Setting time blocks and having a schedule is often a beneficial strategy.
As the rise in educational screen time continues, most parents are limiting the amount of screen time for entertainment and finding great benefits.

Other tips include:

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